Attorney/Medical Liens

Advanced Chiropractic was founded in 2003 with the primary aim of improving health through an individualized chiropractic care. Since the period it was established, it has been serving its clients who are mainly accident victims. One of the reasons that rank this chiropractor on top of other service providers in Arizona is the fact that, you can receive immediate chiropractic care with no out of pocket cost, using medical liens. If you are looking forward to understanding how Advanced Chiropractic and Attorney/ Medical Liens work, then this article would be a good guideline.

What Is a Medical Lien?

Sometimes an accident can happen while you are not prepared financially. In this event, you are exposed to a desperate need of funds to nurse your immediate injuries and to cater for extensive or long- term care. If you are in such a situation, a medical lien would be an option to consider.

A lien will help you secure a medical service using your property as financial security. A patient is allowed to use this lien if he or she sustains injuries caused by a third party and he or she hasn’t received full compensation. Some of the third party injuries include accidents happening in the workplace, auto accidents and intentional injuries.

Why choose Dr. Atkinson Chiropractic Clinic?

Not all chiropractic service providers in Arizona will accept medical liens. For this reason, if you want to receive a healthcare service using your property as security, you have to seek medical services from a vendor who is willing to accept medical liens. Dr. Jim Atkinson’s chiropractic clinic is one of the service providers that you might want to consider in this case.

Some other reasons why you would choose this chiropractic service provider are;
1. They formulate a unique treatment plan for each.
The chiropractic service provider in Phoenix understands that each person presents with different health issues. For this reason, the chiropractors will design a unique treatment plan that meets your special health care needs.

2. They offer referrals when they ascertain that your pain does not need chiropractic care.
Unlike most health care provider who wants to make a profit rather than help you recover, this chiropractic service provider evaluates your medical case to ascertain if chiropractic care is suitable for you. If chiropractic care is not appropriate, the health care provider will refer you to a medical specialist who can give you a medical solution that can last.

3. You will receive quick service
This chiropractic service provider in Arizona will always attend to your chiropractic issue quickly and more efficiently. As such, you will not have to wait for long before you receive a service. Once you visit the facility in search of an attorney lien service, an experienced chiropractor will perform a medical examination at no out of pocket cost Afterward, they will formulate a treatment plan that will help you recover from any pain.

4. Great office personality
Another reason why you would choose this chiropractor is that of Dr. Jim’s stellar customer care services. Clients say that Dr. Jim is a friendly and personable professional who listens to your medical concerns to help him formulate a medical solution that aligns perfectly to your medical concerns.

5. Dr. Jim Atkinson is an experienced and licensed chiropractor
Dr. Jim Atkinson is a licensed chiropractor who has been serving his clients since 1999. His practice focuses on providing pain relief resulting from injuries, spinal correction, and sports injuries. Furthermore, Dr. Jim Atkinson offers weight loss counseling services.

What Kind Of Services Are Offered by Dr. Jim Atkinson’s Chiropractic Clinic
Any accident can lead to injuries like broken bones, fractures, concussions and many more health issues that can reduce your quality of life. Despite the fact that most of this health issues can be managed in an emergency care facility, some injuries may require extensive care. Chiropractic care is one of such comprehensive services that can help you return to your normal life after an accident.

Some of the services provided under this care include:
1. Neck pain chiropractic care
Neck pain results from neck muscle injury and or backbone injury. Neck pain can lead to disability, persistent headaches, difficulty lifting weights, reduced ability to coordinate your head and limbs and other health issues. Dr. Jim Atkinson uses the state of the art chiropractic equipment to diagnose and manage all types of neck pain using the cervical traction method or massage therapy.

2. Back pain chiropractic care
Back pain is another health problem that is commonly associated with accidents. It results from an injury to your spine muscles, bones and muscles. In most cases, the pain can disappear within a week. However, if the back pain prevents you from your regular activities or it worsens with time, you need to talk to your chiropractor for a solution.

Depending on your unique case, a chiropractor will perform a physical examination or use diagnostic imaging to identify the possible cause of your problem. Afterward, he will try to correct the problem by manually adjusting the spine joints, or manage the pain through massage therapy, lumbar traction, and many more treatment options.

3. Massage therapy
Massage therapy is a non – invasive medical technology that is used to manage pain, support the body’s immune function, and boost blood circulation and to alleviate muscle stiffness. Dr. Jim Atkinson uses this therapy to manage different health conditions like back pain, neck pain, joint alignment, and muscle relaxation.

Dr. Atkinson has a wealth of knowledge on various massage therapies, and he is a licensed member of the Arizona Massage Therapy Practitioners.

Despite the fact that chiropractic care is an important service that can promote your recovery after an accident, most people ignore it because they lack sufficient funds to cater for their services. However, if you are suffering from injuries caused by a third party, do not let your health to deteriorate. Visit Advanced Chiropractic for a medical lien solution

Consult with an Arizona Back Pain Chiropractor Today

Postponing a chiropractic treatment may only worsen the pain. And that would require longer therapy. Aside from basic chiropractic care, patients with severe conditions may also require supplementary services such as extensive corrective exercises, massage therapy, and spinal and postural screening.

Initially, chiropractors will conduct a diagnosis of a patient’s back pain to determine what causes it. Potentially serious back pains may no longer be under the scope of a chiropractor. If the back pain were caused by severe fracture, tumor, infection, neurological problems, open wounds or burns, prolonged bleeding, and joint infection, then the patient would be referred to a medical specialist that can help them best. This is another reason why it is necessary for back pains to be addressed immediately. Once it has worsened, help from a chiropractor alone may no longer be sufficient.

Help from the Experts

Seek help from the Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center for all your back pain issues. We take pride in providing the finest chiropractic health care to every patient. We use state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques to offer patients a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment package. Our experts don’t just treat back pain; they also offer preventive care for total health and wellness.

Additionally, our experts are highly knowledgeable in corrective exercises that could help strengthen the body and correct any irregularity. They also provide nutritional counseling to achieve one’s total health and balance. Our massage therapies don’t just make a person feel good. They are specially provided to relieve a wide range of musculoskeletal pains. To further ensure the prevention of injuries and other diseases, we also provide posture and spinal screening, as well as lifestyle advice. It is our goal to make sure that every patient comes out of our facility fully cured, healthy, and balanced.