Neck Pain

Neck pain is a medical condition that results from neck muscle injury, bad posture, and backbone injury. Neck pain can also be caused by health disorders like arthritis which attacks the spine and normal aging. Other causes of the problem include injury, exercises that involve repetitive neck motion and whiplash.

If left unmanaged, neck pain can affect the functionality of other body parts like the head and the limbs. This medical issue presents like an acute disorder that lasts a few days or weeks or a chronic condition that can last for a month or more. In this article, we discuss the various types of neck pain and where to find a medical solution.

Types of neck pain

Neck pain is defined as any pain, stiffness, soreness around the neck region and other body parts like the shoulders, hands and the head. The problem often presents with symptoms like;

  • Headache
  • Weak arms
  • Pain in muscles around the neck
  • Fever-like symptoms
  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty lifting weights
  • Numbness in the neck, shoulder, hands and fingers

In some cases, neck pain can disappear within some days or hours. However, people who experience symptoms like weight loss, chills, numbness in the legs or hands, difficulty maintaining balance and inability to control bowels or bladders need to see an Arizona Neck Pain Chiropractor for immediate health attention.

Depending on the cause, the part affected and severity of the symptoms, neck pain can be classified into different types like;

Axial neck pain
Axial neck pain refers to the pain on the neck’s soft tissues. This kind of neck pain may result from Whiplash or an infection. It may also result from strenuous activities which engage your neck’s muscles, ligaments and joints. Patients with this type of neck pain present with headaches, pain in the posterior neck muscles and neck stiffness.

Radiculopathy is neck pain that is felt in the neck, legs, and arms. Radiculopathy presents with symptoms like a pain the arms, weak arms, numb arms and difficulty lifting weights. Similar symptoms may be witnessed at the legs. The neck problem results when a nerve in the spine is compressed. People who undertake substantial duties and athletes involved in contact sports are the most at risk people.

Myelopathy is a type of neck pain that is accompanied by symptoms like neck pain, weak legs, and hands, difficulty maintaining balance and difficulty lifting weights. The problem results from trauma, inflammation, and disorders like arthritis.


The three types of pain are either classified as acute, sub-acute or chronic. Acute neck pain lasts from a few days up to one month, and it results from injury or strenuous activity that stresses the neck. Sub-acute neck pain results for one –three months while chronic neck pain results for more than three months. Both the chronic and sub- acute neck pain may result from infections.

How can one manage neck pain?
Neck pain is a manageable condition as long as you find a qualified chiropractor to help you. Minor issues of neck pain like those resulting from a wrong sleeping position can be treated at home. However, traumatic neck pain issues are best dealt with by an experienced chiropractor. A chiropractor has the experience in identifying the cause and formulating a treatment plan to restore the health of your neck.

When should you visit a chiropractor?
You should visit a chiropractor if;

  • Your neck pain fails to improve within a week.
  • You experience severe neck pain when you turn your neck sideways.
  • You have been relying on painkillers to manage neck pain.
  • Your neck pain has affected other body parts like hands, legs, and shoulders.
  • Your neck pain results from an accident.

Despite the fact that a chiropractor can help you improve your neck pain, you need to pick a reputable service provider who can tailor a treatment plan that suits your medical need, has a wealth of knowledge in treating all types of neck pain and has a good sense of health.

If you are in Arizona, then Advanced Chiropractic is the service provider you should contact for a solution to any kind of neck pain. Below are some of the reasons you would love to let an Arizona Chiropractor from Advanced Chiropractic help you.

  1. This healthcare provider is among the few chiropractic service providers that offer preventive services.Besides treating neck pain, this health care provider helps clients to improve their health as one way of preventing many neck and spine issues. If you want to stay away from neck pain, then this health provider would help you meet your fitness goals.
  2. They use the state of the art chiropractic equipment to treat neck painAnother factor that places this Arizona Neck Pain Chiropractor ahead of the competition is the state of the art equipment used to treat your neck pain. The modern equipment is safe, comfortable and it helps the Arizona Chiropractor to provide a long-term solution to your medical issue.
  3. The chiropractic service provider works under an experienced chiropractorThe lead chiropractor in this service provider is Dr. Jim Atkinson who has a wealth of experience in training and helping clients recover from various types of neck pain and spine problems. As such, the doctor has the appropriate skills and approaches required to treat your unique case.
  4. Patients receive continuous health care help prevent future neck pain issuesAfter your neck pain issue is managed, your Arizona Chiropractor will provide extra support to help you avoid the problem from recurring. The continuous care is in the form of exercises that strengthens neck muscles and those that correct issues like posture that might be causing neck pain.

Besides exercise, this chiropractor also offers nutritional advice that helps you to maintain optimal health. The chiropractor will also provide health information that will help you avoid activities that can harm your neck and spine health.

Advanced Chiropractic serves Phoenix through its offices located in Central Phoenix, Peoria, Metro Center, Maryvale and Glendale. Book an appointment today to receive a sustainable solution to your neck pain.


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